Copenhagen Jazz Festival and London Jazz Award

Hello everyone,
There’s some news I’d like to share with you all.

Phronesis will be performing at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse on Sunday the 15th of July. There are a few reasons why this is a really exciting opportunity for me. First of all Jazzhouse is a place where I used to go and listen to some amazing music when I first got into jazz. I remember seeing Roy Haynes with his trio there before moving to London (yes it’s a long time ago now) and I was absolutely blown away. This gig, along with a few others, convinced me that I wanted to take up the double bass and now, 10 years later, we are finally headlining there with Phronesis and I can’t wait! Secondly, Copenhagen is where I grew up and is the home of family and old friends, so it’s a rare chance to perform to some of those people. While I’m quite frankly overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and recognition we have had worldwide so far, Denmark is still on my list of places to take our music further and this is the perfect opportunity for us to do so.
So, in order to make this evening as special as I think it’s going to be I need YOU to tell everyone you think might enjoy it to come along.

Also, a big thanks to everyone who voted for us at the London Awards for Art and Performance - we won in the jazz category! Check out the full list of nominees and winners here:

Finally, we have a few other great gigs coming up in July:

7th July
Istanbul Jazz Festival, Turkey

15th July
Copenhagen Jazz Festival

18th July
Vitoria Jazz Festival, Spain

23rd July
The National Concert Hall, Dublin

24th July
Sligo Jazz Festival, Ireland

Hope to see you all in the very near future.