Phronesis - St George's, Turner Simps and Wayne Shorter

Hello Everybody,
I hope this finds you well. Things are great here but I have been too busy to write for a while which I guess is a good thing ey? :)

I didn't even get to tell you about our fantastic experience of playing in complete darkness at Brecon Jazz festival so thanks to everyone who made the effort and found out, that was a bit of an 'eyeopening' gig for us all and we had an amazing time. We'll be playing our next 'Pitch Black' gig at the Purcell Room during the London Jazz Festival in November so please come along!

Apart from that we have just been in Europe, playing three gigs (Rotterdam, Munsterland and Bremen) which were all very enjoyable and we are soon off again to Belgium and Serbia so stay tuned!

Here's a link for our next few..

St Georges in Bristol this Thursday:
Plus a nice little write up by Jon Turney:


Turner Sims in Southampton this Friday:

And then of course warming up for the almighty Wayne Shorter Quartet on Saturday! -

Wow, I'm so looking forward to it!
Hope to see you out there soon.
Jasper / Phronesis