Michael Teeling

"Discovered" you guys via YouTube. Fantastic! Please come to the U.S. and Canada soon! I will watch for you to make it to Toronto. So many great Jazz clubs there... All the best in this New Year!

Eleni katsiani

Love your music

Stephen E Crane

To whom this might concern,

I was at your Birmingham CBSO performance last week and wondered whether you could eMail me a copy of the set list for that night?

Thank you for your time; kind regards,


PS I bought the limited edition yellow vinyl album of your latest release: quite superb ... just not quite as good as a live performance!!! Cheers!

Benjamin Jenkins

I saw Phronesis in Liverpool yesterday and was completely blown away by the musicianship displayed! What a fantastic show.
I also purchased We Are All on vinyl and was fortunate to have it signed by Jasper, Ivo and Anton. I was just wondering if the vinyl album should include a digital copy as if purchased through band camp this seems to be the case.
many thanks,


Bo Rud Nielsen

You did it again: Played a great concert at Alice in Copenhagen on 11 October. This was your third concert in Copenhagen this year (that I attended anyway), so we have really been spoiled. Just keep it coming, OK? I bought a few of Ivo's solo project CD's as well as your new "We Are All" CD. Therefore, I can write an approximate set list, since you seldom announce your music while you play: Breathless, Urban Control, Song for Lost Nomads, A Silver Moon, break, One for Us, Matrix for D.A., Behind Bars, The Edge, and Abraham's New Gift (encore). Excellent music and performance throughout, as always, so I will also consider showing up next time you boys are in town.

Arin Veerapen

Dear Phronesis,

Are you doing a North American tour anytime soon? Would love to see you in Vancouver BC at some point :)

We enjoyed your shows in London when we lived there. You’re new album We Are All is phenomenal. I can’t wait to hear it live.

Wish you all the best


Robert Bobo

Heard you guys on 90.1 KSYM San Antonio in the car on my way home tonight. They played One for Us. Was blown away and immediately went home and listened to it a few more times. If you are ever in the States and come to Texas (San Antonio and Austin are pretty neat) I will be there! PS you guys like Zappa?


Do you have any plans of playing in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area soon again?

Heikki Tiri

Please come to Helsinki ... soon :)

Patricia Gerrits

Love your music. In for mailings on performances in Holland.
Best regards

Brian Moran

Please come and tour in Australia (Melbourne at least), we need this music and energy here. This is a good place to start https://www.h-w-l-r.com/#/about


What An amazing set on crosscurrents festival in Maastricht! Superb! The drummer was a look-a-like of animal, the Muppet on my tshirt. Great! What songs die you play? I Have only parallax and the behemoth, but the songs on the set were from other albums. It was great, i want to see it again! Greets, Bas dassen

Bo Rud Nielsen

I was at your concert in Jazzhouse Montmartre in Copenhagen tonight, and it was fabulous as usual. So what was that about performing 5 albums in a row in London in June or July? I have your CD's and listen to them regularly (to say the least), so I might want to attend. By the way, you guys are good.

Bo Rud Nielsen

So I have just returned from another memorable Phronesis concert at Jazzhouse Montmartre in Copenhagen - thank you very much. You talked about performing 5 albums in a row somewhere in London sometime in June or July. Now would it be possible for you to be a bit more specific about that, as I will consider attending those concerts? I wanted to ask but you were all talking to somebody else when we had to catch our train home.

Best regards,

Bo, Denmark

Maurice Africa

i like your web site

Ebhann Campbell


My name is Ebhann and I'm currently studying music performance at Duquesne University. I was wondering if any of your compositions are available for purchase. I really like the tunes this group plays and would be interested in performing one or two for some upcoming recitals.


William Rosario

My one wish is for you guys to come to New York City to perform in one of our fantastic venues.

Henri Louis Goulet

As an independent music connoisseur, I would be remiss if I did not express my deepest gratitude for your wondrous contribution to jazz. Phronesis is an astounding trio. From the naming of the band, to the resplendence of your live performances, I am only ever reminded of a precious stone amidst all the clay. After watching your live 2010 rendition of "Abraham's New Gift" at the Forge Arts Venue in London on YouTube, I was quite convinced that you would not be able to find another drummer of the caliber of MG to continue to deliver your supereminent phronetic sound. Anton Eger proved me wrong! You are three of a perfect pair to quote the band that inspired the only other jazz trio that came close to you, the Crimson Jazz Trio. As jazz is an expression of freedom from oppression when it cannot be instantiated, Phronesis inspires me to press on during this dark age of U.S. history. Thanks for being astounding. It it not taken for granted!

Carl Hohmann

Became a big fan this year. I read a review of the band and it said it was like an acoustic Return to Forever..I have bought 3 cd's and was just blown away by the energy exhibited. Any plans to play in the USA? I have a nephew living in Umea, Sweden and saw you played their jazz fest...a trip to Sweden to see Phronesis and Bobo Swenson would be terrific. Please add me to your email list. I am truly looking forward to the day to see you "live". Keep the energy and class in your music...truly outstanding!


hello phronesis!
i am a huge fan of your music, and also a student in the music school
just wondering is it possible to buy your music score?
your composition is so amazing!
really want to learn more from you!

Bradley Goff

Just discovered ‘The Behemoth’ and am blown away by the compositions, performances, and arrangements. Bravo! Would LOVE to see some of the scores, especially to ‘Untitled #1’. Any chance they’re available?

Penny Bailey

Please add me to your mailing list.
I'd like to know about Phronesis's forthcoming gigs in the UK
Thank you.


Include me to your mailing list and I am looking forward to hearing you in Japan!

guyot ludovic

simply beautiful and powerful!!!
i was there on the gig in roanne (France) and it was quite Something LOL !!!!
looking forward seeing you back in France but it is unlikely, so it seems.
phronesis is a great thing for me since .... bill evans and lafaro .
c u


please add me to your mailing - look forward to gigs near Frankfurt/Mannheim Germany.

Yvon Smit

Are you inspired by Supersister's album 'present from nancy' from the Netherlands? Some pieces from your performance on Dutch tv sound exactly the same ! Supersister was a populair band in the seventies and it hit me to hear you music this morning! Never liked jazz i thought... lol and sorry for my lousy English!

George Andrus

Hi, please put me on alerts for London tour dates.


Great Band! Amazing Rhythms


I will have to hope that you guys come again to the UK next year. I was hoping to get to the 12th Novemeber gig in London but already have tickets for Chris Thile and just can't miss him.....although the temptation is strong :)
Or maybe you guys can merge for an awesome evening! ;)
Let me know your 2018 dates!


O: You guys are on another level...I'm 16 years old and I've been playing jazz bass for a few years now and sometimes the practice doesn't feel worth it and I get demotivated...but I saw you guys the other day and if it means I'm getting closer to your musical ability and intimacy then all the practice definitely leads to something that's worth the struggle! Thank you guys so much for an amazing show!

Ron (the other) Carter

Hi from Ron and Lara in Victoria. Thanks for inviting us to hear you at Hermann's. Really love what we've heard on line so far.
We let our musician son Lindon Carter (Carter and the Capitals) in Edmonton know and he's thrilled and thought your drummer might know his friend Joel Jeschke. Have a good stay in Victoria. Ron


I am a musician and producer (jazz) and have been responsable for the presentation in Lisbon and Azores of EST, a few years ago. By the way, Julian Arguelles is an old friend of mine.
Just to say a bit, PHRONESIS music is amazing creation, beautiful tunes, great jazz to live with!


As Melbourne International Jazz Festival approaches(2-11 June '17) with the likes of Bill Frisell & Dianna Reeves you should get your backsides down here.You guys would fit perfectly,i know it's the start of our winter but really it's not like -10c more like 10c come walk darkly to us!!!


As Melbourne International Jazz Festival approaches(2-11 June '17) with the likes of Bill Frisell & Dianna Reeves you should get your backsides down here.You guys would fit perfectly,i know it's the start of our winter but really it's not like -10c more like 10c come walk darkly to us!!!

Camilo G. Tavira

My name is Camilo, I´m 25 years old and i´m a violinst of classical music.
I recently listend your last 2 albums and I really enjoyed them.
I'm from Mexico and I would like to know if you have any Vinyl, LP recording to buy.
Where can I buy them? Beacuse here in you web site I coudnt.

Sorry for my poor english, greetings from Mexico and congratulations for your work.


Would love to see you in Chicago!!

nick bavera

hi, im nick from pennsylvania usa.im a fan. i build hifi tube equipment for a living just started about a year ago. i recently discovered this band from itunes browsing i am so very glad i did. they three are just magical together, ive listened to them on their own self titled bands and its good , very good, but them together is just a whole other level, i am a huge fan and they are my favorite jazz trio. i humbly wish to be on a fan-like mailing list or whatever , id love to talk to them but realize they are busy and probably on tour or not available to do so. so the next best thing is to, buy all their albums and keep on listening. oh i build tube hifi audio equipment im actually obsessed with it i sell em to whoever will buy em and have many repeat customers, well they all are. but the recordings of phronesis as a whole are outstanding and my equipment can bring out all their beauty, i think any artist would appreciate this idk imho. thanks again , Nick B N.bavera54@gmail.com


The performance at Transition Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands was GREAT!!!
You all are getting better and better!!! Can't wait for the next gigs ;)

oskar skorge

Hi guys, i play in a youth jazz big band and wondered if i could get a copy of zieding in sheet? Its my absolute favorite song in the world and i would apriciate it, thank you.

Myriam Rees


Have just discovered you in last 48hrs, whilst researching ethnographic film project for Medical Anthropology MA; you're great!! Your Scott's gig is sold out!!! Love hurts!!!! Please let me know if a window of opportunity for me to hear you live opens up (I'm in London), and I will bodily fling myself through it. Keep up the good work.

Warm regards,



Hi guys,
I play in a small high-school age jazz group and am a big fan of your music. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the sheets for any of your pieces? Keep up the great work!
Thank you,

Ash Jacob

Hi guys. My name is Ash. I have recently discovered your music and I am already a huge fan.

I recently started up a music blog and I'm covering bands of various genres. I'd love to write a small piece on you guys.

Do you have any objections to me using photos from your website and posting links to a few of your videos? I'll give full credit to the photographers and directors responsible for the work.

Anyway, thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Chris Brown

Great performance on Wednesday at Nottingham. We traveled from Yorkshire. We have all of the albums( not streamed) & I strongly agree with your comments about the importance of the album concept. Now sat on a wet day listening to Fellow Creatures.

Clive and Liz

Fantastic gig in Nottingham thank you ... and we don't even live there!

John Yarling

I've been checking out Parallax and I really enjoy your music and performance.
I am currently teaching at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. I coach a couple of different ensembles and one of them would be a perfect fit performing the music from the latest recording.
Is the sheet music available?

Thanks for your consideration.

John Yarling

Andrew Carney

Beautiful, intuitive, supernatural music.
Utterly compelling gig at St. George's, Bristol last month.
Drove 2.5 hours to see you and totally worth it,
Thanks guys.

Jack Neasham

What about our great Sage Music Centre in Gateshead/ Newcastle for a gig, lads?


Come to Italy!!!


I was at your concert yesterday at roanne theater.
It was my first time phronesis performance.....thank you very much, it was a magnificent concert. I "flow" and i am still flying with your music in my head.

Thank a lot hope to see you soon a another performance

dariem bec

please come to italy :)

Eric Donald

I am simply amazed at the music you guys make--thank you very much for sharing your talents and vision with the world!

I hope you can play some dates in the US soon--hopefully in the mid-west (St. Louis area).

Thanks again and keep jamming!

Hindry Schoonhoven

Love your music! Will there be any gigs in the Netherlands in 2017?

Mickey McNeill

You guys are heavenly. I caught you live on hr2-kultur at DeutschesJazzfestival this evening, listening in from Wien. Wickedly wonderful, spellbound spiritual synchronisation. Come to Vienna. Please. Laters lads. You are the tops! Mickey.



In 2013 or 2014 I heard your album Alive, on spotify, and I like it a lot. Specially one very simple but amazing song, I think it was called Untitled#1 or maybe Untitled#2, but its not the one that appears now on spotify. By this time I used to listen to that album a lot, and that song was quite special for me (It would take me back to this days). I've been looking for it everywhere and I can't find it.

Is it somewhere online, or is there any possibility that you could sent it to me somehow? It would mean a lot to me!

Thank you very much in advance, I hope everything is going very well, and I want to congratulate you for your completely amazing music!


Heard you guys last night at the SESC in São Paulo, what a great show. Thanks for coming and come again soon!

Dariem Bec Camprubi

Please come to Italy!!!

Andrea Mikolajczak-Novicki

Please come to Los Angeles!
You are fresh and amazing...
would love to see you perform at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.
Thank you,


Have seen the band some half a dozen times now and never better than last night at Cadogan. Superb evening.
Question for Anton: could you tell me about that cymbal? A real wonder! Make, size, spec etc. would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.

Debra Smith

Really enjoyed lots of your concerts.

Bonnie Mix

Hi guys!
Best regards from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Thinking of planning a vacation to some exotic port of call to catch you in concert. Or, have you plans for another Canadian tour?
Looking forward to words of wisdom Ivo, especially irregular.
Bonnie Mix


More than a great musicianship. You have something to say!

Thank you very much and kind regards,

Ryan Baca

You guys are really impressive. Coming to the states soon? Come to seattle.


Hi guys

I just discovered you guys on Soundcloud and I realized I also just missed your show in the Netherlands. What a pity!
Looking forward to an opportunity to hear you guys live.

There are so many wonderful places to play here, and festivals too.
I can't believe you'd have any trouble booking a couple of decent gigs here.

Warm regards


LOVE your music! Thank you. Please come to Finland as soon as you can


Your music has a depth that differentiates it from other contemporary jazz on the scene. It lends itself to contemplation and has helped me through a difficult event in my life recently. Thank you and also look forward to seeing you in London again sometime soon.

Hugh turner

Looking forward to your visit to Oxford next year

Colin Gall

Just felt I had to drop you a line after seeing your big band project at Milton Court Hall as part of the London Jazz Festival. The last time I saw you live was the live recording at the Cockpit of your last album. Both gigs have been some of the best live music I have ever seen. The sensitive arrangements for the Frankfurt Big Band really brought out the melodies and textures of your music in new and unusual ways, with all playing with delicacy and subtleness. Great stuff. Will you be releasing a recoding of the big band project? Is this what you were up to in Abbey Road?


A new fan

Daniel Forget


Fantastic show in Montreal last night! I was wondering if it would be possible to get the setlist, by any chance? I'm especially intrigued by that second to last song (I believe) that was played, I can't seem to place it. Sounded very fresh, a bit more experimental. Also, thanks for taking time to sign the 2 x LP.




Hello Guys

Looking forward to seeing you again at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2015.
Saw you 2 years ago and we have been hooked ever since. Love your energy & musical chemistry. Please keep it up.
We brought our twin daughters last time, they were fourteen at the time.
Jade has been playing bass for 6 years & Noemie the drums for 5 years (almost caught Anton's stick).
They begged us to bring them along again.

Daniel Forget


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Phronesis will be performing at this year's Montreal Jazz Festival on June 27. However, before I purchase tickets (on sale April 23), I would like to know if the group is also planning on performing at the Ottawa Jazz Festival, which would make it a lot easier for me to attend.



gerd harthus

Hei Jasper,
jeg var i konserten i Sendesaal og har nok hört "Life to Everything" minst 12 ganger siden. Hva for en CD! Jeg maa höre mer. Igjen og igjen.
Takk for musikken!

Peter Philippson

I've heard you a few times in Manchester, and love your music. Just listening to 'Life to Everything' on Deezer and enjoying it.

christoph wagner


an article on the British jazz scene published today by Neue Zuercher Zeitung (NZZ) from Switzerland:


Best wishes
christoph wagner

Seb Neerman

Please put me on your mailing list.

And please come to play in Florence, Italy. I'll drag everyone I know along.


When next will Phonesis be performing in London, UK and are there any plans for another show at Ronnie Scotts? I missed the last one.

Jeremy Chard

Only just discovered through Dorking Jazz Club, fantastic & exciting, completely blown away! When will you be back?

Seiia Kauppinen

What a great evening in Helsinki!!!Thank you so much - first time I heard about you but not the last!With one word YOU ARE AMAZING!


Fantastic gig tonite in Lübeck!!!

Thanks a lot!

Derrin Edwards

Come back to Bristol soon :)

david carthy

Saw your gig last night at Watermill Jazz, the first time I had seen Phronesis live....just blew me away!! This won't be the last time I'll be seeing you, just getting on your mailing list for future dates. Many thanks for brightening my life...

Stephen Owen

A breath of fresh air. ..a stunning debut and all those years ago Abrahams gift still unlocks me......keep doing what you're doing

Suresh Vaidyanathan

For a percussionist from Indian classical background, regularly venturing into Jazz genre , Phronesis appears very meditative and inviting. wish to watch them live soon.

Jens Ulrik Christensen

Ups... the other day i claimed that the danish jazz clubs hadn't discovered Phronesis yet. But i was very wrong. They were here in Copenhagen May this year, but i didnt notice. I will definitely be there next time.

Jens Ulrik Christensen

Will you come to Denmark this instance... I wonder why the jazzclubs in Copenhagen haven't invited you yet...
I discovered your fantastic trio a few months ago. The most talented and dynamic trio i have heard for a long time. I love the way you all three are in front. Great compositions and arrangements.

Don Volenik

Love you guys! When are you coming to the US next? Try to play somewhere near Cleveland if you can. Even Pittsburgh or Columbus would be cool

Louis Dubernard

please guys, could you have a trip in france for some gigs ?

thank you for what you do

Fanny De Swert

During your concert at Jazz Middelheim on Friday I was lifted and stayed briefly in another dimension, virtuoso. Bravo ! Meanwhile I bought a few of your cd's. Thank you it was so wonderful.

Steve Bower

When's the next gig in Brighton!

Dan Vernon

Exceptional set at Love Supreme festival. Please play there next year. Loved it.

John Newton

Saw the band at Love Supreme and was blown away! Please add me to your mailing list


Discovered this band a couple of years ago, they are simply amazing live and Jasper is not only a great bass player but he has a sense of humour which is nice to see on stage. I have seen them perform live twice, the first time I could believe the different sounds and beats Anton can get out of the drums. Looking forward to the next gig.


Hey, I read somewhere that there was sheet music available for some of your music, i am struggling to find any links to it. please could you direct me in the right direction. Thankyou very much.

Peace and Love.


p.s. you make amazing music.


universe by music: Borh, Newton and whatever Swede took the rap! Please let me know when you guys are in Holland/Belgium again!

cornelius wesseling

Being 64, travelled a big part of this world, close to 30 years of marriage: you talk/play my language, saw you guys at Middelburg/netherlands: inspiring! get on with your doings! feels great, listening now on spotify, hope you get your earnings , Thanks for creating wonderful music!!!!!

Burkhard Kinzler

Hello Phronesis
thank you very much for your music! I recently discovered your music and immediately bought all your CDs. Congratulations to your idea of music!
I have two questions: on "alive", you write about "free download of bonus tracks", I would like to do that if it's still possible.
You also write about sheet music - I would be very happy to have, but the edition page dos not give the possibility to download that anymore.
Thank you for your answer and your help.

Best regards



i just discovered Phronesis via Gary Husband's Facebook post. Thouroughly enjoying your music. Please play in Chicago asap if not sooner!

Stephen Ashmore

Jasper thank you for a great gig at the Union Chapel last night. You were very tight and the best I have seen you all play.You made an old disabled wheelchair guy very happy. It was very nice a you Jasper to spend a few minutes talking to me before your gig, it made my night even more special. Thanks guys.... Stephen

Lothar Jarczyk

Great show on the Elbjazz in Hamburg,very intensiv.
The best gig on the Festival.
Thanks a lot


Stephen Williams

Yet another exhilarating concert in Bristol last night. Introduced by Jasper as launching the album - but what I find so enthralling is the way you keep working on the material - deconstructing & reconstructing - not so much a launch as spinning off into some kind of elliptical intergalactic orbit.

Nick Triggs

Many thanks for a fantastic show tonight in Bristol - my first time to hear you live. Most certainly not my last!

Thomas Steen

Hej Jasper
Jeg har lige opdaget Phronesis via Spotify, og håber i den grad, at I fortsætter med at spille sammen og udgive mere musik i fremtiden, for det er helt afsindigt godt, det I laver.
110% thumbs up herfra danevang.. :-)

Curtis Brown

Big fan here in the U.S.

Kevin Gould

Make sure you guys include Ireland - Cork in your European tour 2014 .. keep up the great music ..

Michael Büchner

Hey Guys,
it's just a few times I've listen to Your album "Alive". So I thank You a lot for Your rich and rough energy.
Have You planned a tour near the South of Germany, where I'll go to see You definitely?
Take care


Please come to the UK...soon
Best wishes
Dec 2013


You guys blew me away last friday in Ghent (Pitch Black)! I had very high expectations, and you fulfilled them all... Very intens, very impressive!

Keep making great music,



Thanks guys,
You played a wonderful concert last night in the Schouwburg in Leuven. At times if it were not for your playing one could have heard a needle drop. Continue playing this kind of gigs and you'll be a top team in jazz land.


Really enjoyed yesterday's performance in Leuven ... Keep me posted about upcomings gigs & other stuff.

Combes Marnix & Vervaque Ingrid

Many Thanks for the sublime concert in Roeselare. Wonderfull !!!

Alan Foster

Another image that you may like..

Tom Dwyer

Really do enjoy your writing and performances.
First heard you live in Amsterdam'

Alan Foster

Great gig.


Picture for you... Alan;-)

Bruce Langridge

Saw you play at the Brecon Jazz Festival yesterday. Just want say that you played wonderfully and the new pieces were great. I think I'll have to find a way of coming to the London recordings in November. Thank you for playing such inspiring and engrossing music. I'm telling my friends about you.

Bradford L

Any plans for another Australian Tour? BL

leo genovese

hey brother, great music , im listenong to you guys rock!!!!!!i love it!
good to meet you last night , i was looking for some green delay around, but i coudnt find it.....anyhow...peace. leo


I saw you at Salt in Istanbul last summer and I'm impatiently waiting to see you in the US!

!ne Lammers

hi guys,
have seen you playing a few times in Belgium and love your music! when will be your next belgian stop? can't wait...keep up the good work! x

Bob Davidson

Dear Jasper, Great gig at Clitheroe last night . I think the billing should have been Phronesis + Marius Nesset. You guys are such a great band and Marius was lucky to have you. I was pleased that you could make the gig - it added a lot. This is the second time I have heard you with Marius and look forward to more.

Best wishes, Bob

Guillaume Dubray

Please come to Lausanne (Switzerland) and play at Chorus (www.chorus.ch) !

Morten Østerlund Larsen

Great concert at Godset, Kolding last night! Really enjoyed it!

Andreas Blicher

Thank you for a great concert at Montmartre!


Hope to hear und see you in Berlin soon!!!

john hardaker


Claire Lamb

My son who is undertaking his honours year (contemp) in Hobart Conservtorium is flying up today with his dad, just to see you at BlueBeat tonight 27 Feb. Not sure if you will see this but if you could mention him he would be absolutely thrilled.....his name is Bj Lamb. Have a great night.

David McLoughlin

Hi. Just a quick email to say thanks for the gorgeous musing in Perth tonight, and to point you to some photos of your gig.



Peter Johnston

please advise if the band comes antwhere near Toronto Canada on the North American tour. thanks!

Kieran Fitzgerald

Please come and play in Ireland!


Please come to Los Angeles when you are in the US! There's a great jazz club in the Hollywood hills - http://www.vibratogrilljazz.com/

Check it out. I'll check back for US tour dates!


You guys rock. I love all of the bass-driven grooves and complex drums.

Iain Sunter

Saw you at Kings Place in the summer GREAT GIG

van lerbergh marc

superb cncert yesterday at flagey's


Love the last two CDs. Can't wait for you to come to the east coast of America.


Hey Guys!
Im a really big fan on your music and Id love to know if there will be (sooner or later) a songbook of either "Alive" or "Walking Dark" (<- which I would strongly prefer)?


Sean Whalen

Hey, when will you come to Michigan to play?, and when can we expect a new CD??


Love Phronesis.
Please comme to Nice (south of France) -
You could come to - http://www.salle-grappelli-nice.org/
I could get at least 5 people to come !!



Jennifer Watson


I met you on the tube yesterday Jasper, & have remembered I must have seen you play with Marius Neset. Awesome playing. Shall definitely listen to Phronesis now I know about you!


Hi ,
please add me to your mailing list, you are the bomb!!!


Yesterday night at the Jimmy Glass in Valencia I felt like I was in a dream. Thank you for your music. I will follow you closely. Thnks!

Günther Bajtl

Dear musicians,

I would like to inform you, that I presented your new CD with the three tracks in my broadcast “Jazzfrühstück" in the FRS (Free Radio for Stuttgart) on Friday the 17th August. The playing tracks you can see below the playlist. Judith Kobus and Mo Schumacher from but-mo communications sent me the CD for the radiopromotion.

Best regards from Stuttgart

Günther Bajtl
“Das Jazzfrühstück"
17. 08. 2012 (von 08. 00 bis 10.00 Uhr)

-- Morning Dream 4:23
-- The First Idea 8:46
-- Restless 6:48
Waldemar Leczkowski Quartett
-- Mysterious 6:22
-- Nesenbach Blues 5:28
-- Kollektiv 8 6:45
Joe Haider Double Quartet
-- Alle Vöglein sind schon da 6:01
-- So sei gegrüsst viel tausendmal 4:52
-- Fieldwork 6:55
Dieter Ilg
-- Grusveivandrer 4:27
-- Ur 5:40
-- Uro 8:41
Helge Lien
-- Lovely 6:37
-- Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa 2:35
-- Hard To Catch 3:59
Marianne’s Bag
-- Upside Down 4:39
-- The Economist 5:59
-- Zieding 8:48
Günther Bajtl
Freies Radio für Stuttgart
Bernsteinstrasse 120
D - 70619 Stuttgart
tel.: 0711 - 4569285

Eine Ankündigung über die Sendungen können auf den homepages www.jazzfunkt.de
und www.freies-radio.de jeweils unter dem file "Programm" eingesehen werden.

Das FRS ist über Antenne auf 99.2 MHz und im Kabel auf 102,1 MHz
und auch als live-stream im Internet zu empfangen!!!!

B. Lam

Hey guys just discovered your music from a Jazzwise article about the new album and was absolutely amazed by your sound!! This is the kind of music I've been searching for being an aspiring jazz musician myself, can't wait to hear more from you guys.


It has been a privilege and pleasure seeing you in Istanbul Salt Gig:))) You were all cool and incredible...I was happy to chat with you, best of luck in other gigs dear Ivo...next time you come to Istanbul whenever it is I will be pleased to show you around.. Isil Aydoslu


Hi lads,
I'm really looking forward to see you in Cork at Guinness Jazz Festival this year!
All the best!

Jacques Prouvost / JAZZQUES

Hi Jasper.
I am jazz journalist. We met at C-Mine Festival. FYI, here is my review abput concerts.
Hope to meet you again soon.



Jacques Prouvost
Bld. Prince de Liège, 93
1070 Bruxelles
+32 479 28 37 04



Hey guys,
Really like the new album. Saw & heard Phronesis for the first time at your launch @ King's Place in London and was blown away. The thing that I appreciate most is your overriding sense of taste - in the song writing and in the seemingly effortless execution. All this is evident in my favourite tracks: Charm Defensive, Upside Down, the Economist & Walking Dark. What a unit! By the way, is that a diminished seventh run in E that opens the song Walking Dark? I'd love to get hold of some of your piano sheet music for this album as I'm currently doing Grade 7 piano (ABRSM) as a hobby. Hey Jasper, does the rest of the band know about you sneaking off to play with the Sam Crowe group? Caught this friendly gig @ the Vortex the last night & what a pleasant suprise! : ) yours...Tony

Kyle Gordon

Will you guys ever publish a songbook? I think people would be really interested in buying it, even if it was just in a PDF format.


Hello, I'm a collector and researcher of new arts, new ways
to express the music and now especially music by soloists, composers, jazz musicians, arrangers and complex. Could you send me an autographed picture? I thank you and wish you luck.
Guido Sancisi
Via Firenze 21
61012 Gradara

tom lee skinny

hello there
heard you on LateJunction - fab
I'm searching for artistes for exciting, impro., experiential, experimental (etcetc blahdeblag) collab. project(s)
check out thoughtsofkoo.blogspot.com in first instance
ta muchly
a member of TheSilentMonkeyTeashop

Chris Sowe

Fantastic gig ... your amazing energy really brought the house down at Kings Place last night. As usual the music and performance was of the highest quality. I thought it would be hard to follow ’Alive’ but the “difficult 4th album"has to be an award winner, looking forward to the 5th ……Re: your young people and jazz comment at the gig. A note from my 14 year old son and his 13 year old friend, who’ve seen you three times, (some) young people do love and play jazz. But we can forgive you for that, you’re certainly an inspiration to them.Please feed us more of this level of writing, creativity and musicianship and of course more gigs!Best wishes
Chris Sowe

Sharon Hall Shipp

FANTASTIC gig last night at Kings Place, thank you so much. Do hope you will play there again soon, it's a really good venue. Or anywhere in the south east will do...

Jonathan Whittle

Thank you for an inspirational, propulsive and exciting performance tonight at The Stables, Milton Keynes. My 13-year old son and I were sat on the front row. Thanks for the chat afterwards Jasper, you and the band have a unique chemistry and talent. Jonathan http://soundcloud.com/jonathan-whittle

Rene Vasquez

Please come to the states!!! Los Angeles needs you guys!!

Maurice Hogue

Hi, Jasper
greetings from Winnipeg Canada. I host a jazz show called One Man's Jazz on taintradio.org. Prior to that, for 13 years, the show was heard on CKUW FM here in Winnipeg.

I have played Phronesis' live recording several times and am interested in the new recording. I was wondering if it might be possible to obtain a radio play copy somehow.

I've tried in the past to get play copies from Edition, but they don't seem interested.

Please let me know. I love the band. If you want to check my playlists (I definitely have a global approach to the shows' content) they're at www.onemansjazz.ca.

Maurice Hogue
One Man's Jazz
Thursday 9 pm Eastern & rebroadcast Monday 4 a.m. Eastern

Tim Arnold

We would love to see you folks in northern California. Keep us informed if you make a West Coast swing anytime soon. Love the music.

Dan Murray

I have been following you since your first album and saw you perform last fall in London. When will you come to the USA to perform? You need to play at the Village Vanguard or Jazz Standard!


What a fantastic new album! I saw the trio a while ago at the Glasgow Jazz festival. Hoping to see you guys touring the new album this year in the Uk!

Neil Engward

Fantastic set with the guys supporting Marius Neset at the Gateshead Jazz fest (26.03.2012). Picked up a copy of the Walking Dark album. Just great, keep up the good work and hope to catch you Up North on the UK tour.

Hiroaki Sayama

Please advise north america tour schedule.

Kelvin Jenkins

Brilliant gig at the Spin in Oxford last night. Thanks.


Hi i had the great Privilege to see you att he vortex this week. What a treat.


Alan Millar

Jasper, saw your show at the Vortex last night and new material sounded interesting - all in all a great show!

Would love to see you make it up to the Queens Hall in Edinburgh some time. Perfect venue for you guys and there is a jazz following in the City. We have Tord Gustavsen playing there on a Saturday in March so why not get your agents on it!

All the best,


No sorry but I speak and write facility on. I wanted to tell you that you are talented and have news about any Italian dates.

all the best

John McMahon

Jasper: I've got a ticket to your gig with Marius Neset in Copenhagen on the 11th. Any chance I could get a copy of Walking Dark off you then? I'll bring the DKK 150 which seems to be the standard here.
BTW my wife and son enjoyed your Bristol gig in October.
ATB: John

Catarina Rödström

Kom gärna till Göteborg igen. Ni var mycket bra!

Alan Speare

Looking forward to your Stables MK gig!

Mark Bramhall

Big fan since seeing you in Leeds last year. I hope you will include some gigs in the north of the UK when the new album is released.

Ole Martin Hansen

Please send me any info on giGs in London

Maggie How

Just caught you by chance last night at the QEH foyer - wow! Your music blows me a way - I bought 'Alive' - what a treaasure trove! I will defeinitly come and see you again next time you are in London. I know Pete Canter btw, who interviewed you for his radio show in Exeter. Thanks for the music! Maggie


J just cant wait ti see and listen to You in Belgrade jazz festival.So is it possible to by Your CDs than,becourse it is not possible here in Serbia in regular way.
best regards.

Stephen Williams

thought you might be interested in a bit of feedback on how the music you are making is connecting with the wider world. I recently started a research fellowship at Cardiff University Sustainable Places Research Institute - focus on the need to develop new forms of governance to stop us humans wrecking our own planet. I've been struggling for a few months to get some concepts & ideas shaped up. Went to your St Georges concert a couple weeks back - then sent myself to sleep listenning to 'Alive'. Woke up next day with all the pieces magically fallen into place. Then went to the Kairos concert at the Edge on Saturday - particularly wrapped-up in your work with Ivo Neame - picked up a copy of 'Caught in the light of day' on the way out - played that going to sleep - woke in the middle of the night with more crystals magically formed. Busy today writing it up into a research proposal. Who knows where it leads to in the big wide world - but I'm sure there are a lot of people out there making things out of the fantastic music you make. It's all in the connections & patterns. Phronesis, in particular, really are the business right now - hearing Anton close to in the St Georges acoustic was another revelation - but also dug out my Tom Arthurs CD with you on it yesterday. You are very good! All making my head feel pretty good right now. Thank you all.

Michael Valentine Studio

Photographs of Phronesis @ the Barbican Centre 8 October 2011...


Hi there, I saw Phronesis last March while in London, at the Southbank - a lively gig, quite packed, really enjoyed it. Actually, I've a couple of photos from that day; couldn't find a Facebook page for your trio, but thought you might like to have them, so here are the links to two of the lot:



Good luck with the Pitch Black concert, it's a gripping idea; will be in London at the time, hope to make it.

Phoebe Osborne

Fantastic project wth voice lab Jasper.. thank you so much!


Great gig at the Barbican last night.

Adrian Brown

Please Please Please come to the states; preferably NYC or Boston so I could see the show (or Burlington, Vermont). I love your music and can only imagine how it would sound live. Keep up the great work.

Steve Boyle

excellent gig in Bristol last night

John Middleton

Hugely enjoyed your Bristol concert - based on what I heard tonight, will definitely be picking up a copy of your next album when it comes out. Hope you return to the UK soon - not every roundabout has traffic lights!

John McMahon

Went to the JazzCup here in Kobenhavn yesterday and bizarrely the guy running the place hadn't heard of you or Phronesis - although he was well up on Neset. I put him right I hope.
Great gig on R3 by the way.
Don't suppose you could sneak a line in for my wife Janet who'll be going to your Bristol gig whilst i'm working out here?


Dear Jasper,
will You be so kind to send me - if it is possible - promo copy of
Your newest release? Because it is very important for my research
in contemporary Jazz.
I think You will agree that living in Siberia, even in such large
and quickly developing city as Novosibirsk, it is so hard to watch
most interesting and important events in contemporary music.
Snowy Yours -
Serge Tikhanoff,
p.o.box 29, Novosibirsk 63ooo5, RUSSIA

Please ignore this message if you have already received recently
the letter from me.

Peter Wright

Hi Jasper, Had the great pleasure of "seeing/hearing" you at Brecon 2011.
I was particularly intrigued by your decision to play almost the whole set in total darkness as a fitting tribute to your now blind sister.
My grandson, who is 4 years old, is totally blind, since birth. His greatest joy in life seems to be music. He absorbs almost everything he hears and I guess uses music to build landscpes in his head. I've introduced him to as many strands of music available to me but admit that as an avid jazz fan and once bassist in a "modern jazz" quartet , back in the 1960's, give him a good share of modern and progressive sounds.
He can now instantly recognise Art Tatum and follow Brubeck's sometimes complex cross rhythms. He comments on the bass lines and can often sing them back to me umprompted. He loves to sit for hours on end at my piano or his own creating totally untutored progressions, often retelling a story and using "his music" to represent characters, moods, atmospheres and heightening dramatic and serene moments.
If I'd had the opportunity, I wanted to ask you at Brecon, what the effect of the set such as you treated us to, has on your sister and any comments she has made about how much music now fits into her sight deprived situation.
Certainly on playing "Alive", my grandson instantly began improvising on my piano alongside the pianist. So it clearly had a certain fascination for him.
Thanks for the set at Brecon, it focused the mind totally on just the music, without the usual distractions of observing the players' peculiarities, antics and physical styles!and shut out the sometimes irritatiing other audience members!!
Keep keeping it fresh and provoking. Regards, Peter.

John McMahon

Jasper: we met a couple of times at the Future Inn in Bristol (Phronesis and Ivo's band). Unfortunately I'm going to miss your gig at St George's on 6/10 as I shall be working in Copenhagen - ironically enough - all autumn. I don't suppose you have anything lined up in Denmark between September and December?
I'll be sending my wife and son (drummer) along though.


Harold Steinberg

When can we expect a new recording?


Love your stuff ! Was thoughroughly waiting for you guys in Montreal and got a real treat. The originality, the adventurous and creative style, the newness in addressing the beats & groves. Must say, I'm in love with your music. Come abck soon.
Winston from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jim Hurtubise

There are so many wonderful musicians that show up at the Montreal Jazz Festival but every year one seems to rise above the crowd. This year Phronesis left me simply mesmerized!

Lisa Major

Your music was amazing.. Thanks for sharing at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Your band is now on my top list of good music

Hope to see you in Montreal summer 2012.

Dolores Appleyard

Yesterday You were in Montreal (2011 Festival de Jazz) and me too, one off the beautifull lady off Montreal. I love Jazz and you are superbe!!! Il loved your music, Bravo!

Ivy & Gab

Exuberant performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2011!!! You have given Montrealers a taste "Denmark Jazz" and your passion for music is very inspiring. You should come more often here and if it happens to be during Winter time, we're sure that you'll warm up everyone. The -20 temperature will rise to +20!!!!

Howard Decker

We heard you three at the rochester Jazz Festival last night, and you were absolutely sensational! At the end of your set, the audience jumped to their feet - and well we should have. An amazing performance.

Intense, rhythmic, melodic, cerebral. Fabulous.

Have a great tour here in North America, and come back soon.


..Listening to Phronesis..and the best words to describe the feeling music creates inside me I found written By W.Blake long ago:

"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour"..

(I am wonderng what Blake would say if he could listen to CD,now together with me:):)

..as from me :Thank you! YOU are wonderful!!!x


hey do you have any vinyl available for purchase????? that would be so awesome!!

jeremy agnew

Been listening non-stop to your 'Alive' album since buying it at a recent Kaioros 4tet gig. As a long-standing EST fan you are more than filling the gap left by Esbjorn's tragic death, but with a sharper edge and (believe me I'm not a member of the 'jazz police') a stronger, more chalenging quality to the music. Avanti Phronesis!

christine holley

Hi, your South Hill Park friend speaking - good to see you headlining at Cheltenham and to have a chat yesterday. Great stuff. Remember me when you want that stunning new graphic for a new album...

Chris - www.holley-projects.co.uk

Karen Dervan

Could you please tell me if Mark Guliana will be playing with Phronesis when they come to Dublin on May 4th?

David Billingham

Saw you at Brecon last year; just emailing to say I hope you enjoy playing at the Jazz Standard in New York [a really nice, really NY club], and get chance to hear one of the Mingus bands there! Congratulations on your success to date [and with Kairos, whom we saw at The Stables last week]. Looking forward to seeing you on October 8 at The Barbican.

Julian Sedgwick

Thanks again from the entire family for your scintillating set at Fleece Jazz the other night. Very much appreciated and made us smile the whole way through. (And thanks for making such good drawing subjects!) We look forward to the next time...


Greetings from Minsk.
Thank you for the amazing evening, your pure sincerity and genuine soul!

Marina (Bolshoi mag)

Thanks a lot, Mange tak, Tusen tack for such an incredible, electrifying, vibrant performance you gave tonight in Minsk. Really enjoyed the show! Minsk loves you all too.

Lazaro Vega, Blue Lake Public Radio

We'd enjoy playing your music on
our nightly jazz radio program serving Grand Rapids and all of west Michigan. Any chance of please sending your discs our way?

Lazaro Vega
Blue Lake Public Radio
300 East Crystal Lake Road
Twin Lake MI 49457


esther van loenen

I would like to subscribe for the newsletter to keep me updated. Your music really touches me direct into my soul, so I would love to see a gig once you perform in the Netherlands!!!!
grtz, Esther

robbie ryan

mailing list please x

Annette Capel

Thanks for a superb concert last night at the Vortex. The sound was good for us - a shame you had some problems.


Brilliant performance @ the Brighton Jazz Club last Friday (18th Feb). Superb playing & thanks for signing my CD!!
Cheers guys, Jez

Jack Williams

Thankyou so much for the enthralling gig at St Austell brewery on 17/02/2011! I was constantly delighted and excited by the playing of all three of you and it was great to chat with you guys after the gig!


Awsome gig in Ashburton. Please come back soon

Simon Trundle

Mesmerised by the show at St Austell Brewery - amazing intensity........THANK YOU


Fantastic gig at Ashburton last night (13th Feb). Lovely venue, and an awesome performance. Keep up the great stuff guys!

Tom Kegelman

Please come to Northampton, Massachusetts. Some great jazz venues here.

Mrs Lawton's Class

Mrs Lawton went to see your gig in Cardiff last night and played your music to us...." Your music makes me think of happy times" Owen. " It helps me feel calm" Sam. " You're so talented" Jay. " I want to make my own crazy music now " Kaitlyn.


Very cool sounds. I am a follower of EST and see a little of
them in your playing! I will be buying your Cd's etc.
Thanks from Lompoc CA US

matthew davis

Absolutely THE best jazz trio out there! Please, please, please come to Chicago.

fiona edwards

Hi Jasper just to say i love the new album and can\'t wait until you all play in Berlin. The berliners would so love your music! You are missing in this city. Come and visit soon. Good luck with the tour in the new Year and congratulations on getting Album of the Year. You deserve it!


Hi Jasper! Yesterday I went to your concert at Spain, Seville. It was amazing! I love Sachal Vasandani Quartet!
I bought the CD, songs are really great.

Marcina Arnold

Hey Jasper loving the Alive trax!
Wanna buy a copy at a gig !!! so next u play in london i'll dig in the pockets!
x marci

Hugh Oxlade

You were terrific at the Purcell Room last night. The Danish ambassador didn't do a great job of introducing you (seeing you play a fish would have been interesting) but after that it was excellent - a real pity that it was only a 40-minute set. Anton's track is promising, very good at the start and at the end, but I think the bit in the middle where Ivo just runs up and down the piano needs to be a bit more interesting. Apart from that, it was brilliant, and my younger brother enjoyed himself too (you completely outclassed the act after you). Can't wait for a third album!

Steve Cook

I see you guys are playing Manchester next March. I missed your gig in Brighton a few months ago. Any chance you could line up another Brighton gig next year? Either the Brighton Jazz club or The Brunswick would suit the band. the Brunswick has a great feel and would suit the band well.
best regards,

John McMahon

Saw your fantastic gig at Future Inns Bristol. You mentioned you were playing the Coulston Hall next year. Do you have the date yet?

Martin Powel


sorry to be a pain in the gluteus maximus, but can you ask Edidtion to empty the inboxes? Trying for the link listed on your Alive album which I am surely not the first to comment upon as OUTSTANDINGLY BRILLIANT!


john obrien

hi jasper,i have been sent a copy of"alive"courtesy of dave stapleton.i will be broadcasting your excellent music soon via my radio program at rtrfm 92.1 perth west australia.please include me on your mailing list.kind regards,john obrien

sandy scott

Looking for tour dates; hopefully you are coming to Brighton, UK soon?

Marcia Willis

Please add me to mailing list. Looking forward to Purcell Room gig on 14th November.

John Quinn

Top gig at Marsden the other day.
My first listen to Phronesis.

sophie barenne

I need a photo high resolution for the swiss magazine L'extension", could you send it to me? Best regards,
Sophie Barenne +41 79 759 09 08

Steve Wilt

Hey mon,
Love your music! Trying to spread the word. Maybe someday will get you over to the states for a tour. Keep on keepin on!

Neil & Gill

FIGJAM !!!!!

Loved your Brecon Jazz gig. Hope to see you again soon in Bristol in October.

I'll wear the t-shirt!!

www.redmolotov.com .

Neil and Gill

Iain Houston

Hey Jasper. I really love what I am hearing on your ALIVE tracks. Blue Inspiration is well-named! The band on this number is doing what the title suggest: inspiring! I'd argue it's so intensely deep blue it's really Purple Inspiration :-). Iain.


Hey Jasper, i'm following you since Organic Warfare and I can say that you know how to play music man. I saw you for the first time this year in Rotterdam, I was at the first place and it was one of the concerts that I enjoyed the most. I feel really great when I put your stuff in my home. Thanks for being so musically intelligent. Cheers for you and your awesome band and music. Keep jazzing the world for us!!

Hugh Oxlade

Got my copy of Alive yesterday and listened to it last night. I have to agree with the reviewers that it's terrific - particularly the newly extended French - it's a standard in the making. Also very much enjoyed the free elements of Love Song, glad to see that material is not just being run through, but expanded upon, and very well. Must see Eight Hours on the next studio album - it fitted in perfectly next to the more familiar stuff. Though a more imaginative title might be advisable next time - Alive doesn't even come up on the first page of results if you type it into Amazon. Long story short: you have a great set, keep up the good work and set up a gig at the Vortex or Pizza Express soon. Thanks.

Andrew Ball

I'm a big fan of your work. The new live album is outstanding.

Any plans to tour the United States?? I'd love to see you guys at some point!!

Wulf Muller


you were right - I really do like the album.
Great writing - great playing !
thanks for giving me a copy in Rotterdam.

Wishing you all the best


Eric Vanderlinden

I enjoyed your concert a lot at North Sea Jazz last weekend. Can you send me the information about financial (and other) conditions for a concert (2011-2012) with Phronesis at our venue? Who will be the drummer? I loved the playing of Anton Eger! Is it also possible to send us a copy of your new cd?

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,

Eric Vanderlinden
programmering en preproductie

Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent
Bijlokekaai 7
9000 Gent

t +32 9 269 92 82
f +32 9 228 65 82
m +32 478 88 79 15



This year Phronesis was the most passionate and there magical performance for me on the whole 3 days North Sea Jazz. The cd 'green delay' is played over and over again. Thanks for filling me up! Love inge

Inge Rambags

I would love to hear about phronesis and maybe stay in contact with you (both Jasper and Ivo) if you would like to. I was impressed with your performance and most of all the passion!



Will Mark Guiliana be playng drums wth you at your concert in London on August 3rd at Ronnie Scotts?

Kind regards,


Adrian Abramovici


I'm a huge fan of yours. Also fan of hirez formats. Is there a way for me to download hirez flac formats of your album?

Best regards from Romania!

Adrian Abramovici

Mister LAL

Dear Sir Jasper H/OIBY


"When they signal for the bass to take a solo it means they're getting tired."
Milt Hinton. http://www.milthinton.com/

I just saw this and wanted to spread a little smile.


Hi guys, so nice to find the good stuff you play, going around on last fm. there's only a problem..on that radio you are tagged as doom, death metal...mmh, not exactly similar to your splendid jazz. fix it better if you care!
jasper, bello, a kys, Your music is always great! it's a long time from qualia..that was already a promising talent..

David Bassin

Hi Jasper,
I just heard about Phronesis for the first time today and was very impressed by what I heard on your web sites.

I have a radio show on KUSF in San Francisco and would love to feature your music on the show. I'm very interested in hearing the last studio LP, as well as the forthcoming live set.

Information about the show is here: www.freefallradio.com

Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you!

David Bassin
FreeFall - Beats, rhythm & sound

Pete Ladd

Hi Jasper,
Many thanks for the great gig in Brighton recently, I hope you will be playing here again soon. Very much enjoyed Green Delay and was moved by the sweet dedication to your sister. Look forward to hearing the new album...........
kind regards, Pete

David Hemmings

Just discovered you, look forward to seeing you live in the future.

Chris Wroe

Please send a large picture, portrait of yourself with bass
and one with the band for editorial in 31 Days Shropshire events guide.
Wanted this week if possible
Chris Wroe

Garry Corbett

Saw you play with Kairos 4tet at Birmingham symphony Hall last night, what a superb gig. Love the album too. I was the photographer - see the results here www.flickr.com'photos/bluejazzbuddha


Good eve sir, just returned from the colchester arts centre gig 03feb10. Just wanted to thank you again for a great performance. I do indeed like your style. No doubt I will journey to see either Phronesis or the Kairos 4tet in the very near future. Stay Safe.

Tom Baeten

Are you planning concerts in Belgium?

Kersten Ginsberg


Di Taylor

Hi Jasper...enjoying your music on the website; nice to see you today ...I got completely drenched after!! Sure you did too....will be sure to come and hear you gig soon. x Di

neo maredi

HAPPY NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jasper, really enjoyed the gig at the spin off in leeds. you guys were sick... my favourite gig in a long long time. you've really got something special goin on with that band...

Hugh Oxlade

Saw you at the Pizza Express on Wednesday. Bit of a shaky start, but it turned into an excellent gig. Loved your deadpan introductions as well! The new album is excellent; I might go as far as to say that it's better than Organic Warfare. Longer tracks definitely suit. Thanks,

Michael Rüsenberg

Hi Jasper,
thanks a lot, CD has arrived today.
I´ll let you know when it will or has been aired.

Michael Rüsenberg
Landgrafenstr. 103a
50931 Köln

Brian Harrison

Hey Jasper, great first album... I am waiting to buy the next one Green Delay, are you selling copies now or do I have to wait until May....Regards....Brian.

Robin Durie

Hi Jasper - thank you for sending the new cd to me, which arrived today; & for putting me on your mailing list. The gig in Barnstaple, Devon, may be too difficult to get to...but I'll try to get to St Austell!

Ok - I love the cd - it really is outstanding, & my friends will soon be bored of me forcing them to listen! Congratulations to you & your colleagues for making such a stunning, & brilliantly produced, recording.

A couple of other things made the cd more poignant for me. I have very strong memories of Bornholm - where I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a philosophy & design conference a few years ago. However, it was also here that I spent the last time with a dear friend & colleague who was an architect in Helsinki, but who had just started to manifest symptoms of the leukemia from which he was soon to die. So, as I say, mixed but powerful memories of a very beautiful island.

Also - I was very moved to read about your sister - my son recently endured a series of profound emergency operations on his kidneys - I admire you for the work you have dedicated to your sister!

Finally - Phronesis - prudence, or circumspection - the most beautiful concept in all of Aristotle's philosophy - a wonderful name for a band!!!

Good luck for your future - and keep making great music!


Nick Harrison

Hey Jasper,
I'm really impressed with Green Delay. For the second time this year you have blown me away with your music.
Any chance of you coming to Wales?
Once again thanks for the letter, you made my day.
All the best.

Neo Maredi

Come to South Africa!!! Very interesting conceptual approach to the trio format, what was the initial intent and how did you get there?

Søren Koefoed

Hey Jasper! Jeg vil utrolig gerne have jeres nye album i cd-form, kan det lade sig gøre(spørgsmålstegn)

Søren Koefoed

Nick Harrison

I had your Organic Warfare through today and aside from the music being amazing i also had a hand written letter! That made my day it has to be said. I couldn't understand the signature so if it was you jasper, thank you, if not please thank the person who did. All the best.

Søren Koefoed

Hej Jasper Højby!

Først må jeg jo virkelig fortælle hvor glad man kan blive, når man hører dig og drengene (Phronesis). Jeres musik er virkelig fantastisk på mange måder og jeg kunne skrive flere sider og bla, bla, bla. Nå, men det var egentlig ikke mit spørgsmål.

Jeg har hørt og kan jo læse mig frem til, at I er ved at lave jeres andet album, men hvornår udkommer det - Jeg kan jo nærmest ikke vente...

Keep up the good work!

Søren Koefoed


Hej Jasper

Fin hjemmeside. Godt at se at det lykkedes med at få noget ordentligt på benene, og håber ikke at det gamle var helt forgæves. Håber at vi ses til jul, og at det går godt med det hele.

Kram - Marcus

Cindy Laughlin

Hi Jasper, I love your music and am sending out your website to my friends across the US. Lookingforward to a US tour in the future!! Miss you, Cindy


fredensborg 5 september x

Hugh Oxlade

Love Organic Warfare - my Father does as well. We'll definitely be seeing you soon.

Daniel Cohen

hej Jasper, tried to send you a private email but my message keeps bouncing back, What's the adress to use?

greetz, Daniel

Alex storebror folke nielsen

Hej bassmester jazzber, håber at du har det fint over på den anden side af vesterhavet.
Jeg er hjemme hos far og hører at du kommer i morgen,
kunne være fedt hvis vi kunne finde ud af noget!
Hygge og god rejse.

Hilsen tai chi mester Alex. ;)


Hej søde,
fedt fedt, nu kører det for denne side... glæder os alle i Eliasson familien til at høre Phronesis i København. Især min mutti, har aldrig hørt dig spille! Ses om en uges tid. Kys din A



Good to run intto you today.

This is my email. Mobile 07775 833 674


Hej gamle jas, det ser jo fornemt ud! Hvordan ka det være jeg aldrig har set dig i den jazzhat? kh Q


Lovely sounds sweet prince,particularly the mud wrestling section....Bravo!X


me likes to move it move it. lovely new site. muito bon. but needs more penguins. see you soon!

Vicky Tilson

Hi Jasper
Great site. Really enjoyed listening to my copy of ORGANIC WARFARE and meeting you at Oliver's in Greenwich.
Best wishes
Vicky Tilson (bass)

lis og hanne

hej jasper vi sidder lige og nyder din nye hjemmeside, vi det er mig maria jeanette og hanne der sidder og nyder det gode musik og det flotte billlede af dig. Tillykke med din nye hjemmeside skide flot.
Kærlig Hilsen din mor og Hanne

Eimear looking girl

I am loving your new website!! And your music is beautiful, hopefully I will come see you play with Phronesis soonx

mette & jan

Kære Jasper

En hilsen fra os

K H os på Lodsvej


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