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Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone, Jasper here. I’m writing to you all from the cosiness of Denmark’s countryside amidst the grey clouds and the misty forest. 2017 has been an amazing year packed with experiences in more places than I can remember all at once but the overall feeling is good. A feeling of relief and gratitude for all the chances we have had and all the incredible souls we have made friends with along the way. It’s truly something very special to be able to do what we do. This year has been another year of touring around the globe. We had a ton of memorable and special gigs but a real highlight includes playing The Behemoth at North Sea Jazz Festival with the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra in a packed Hudson. As well as playing in Europe, we had a good stint in Canada where we got to return to some of our favourite places (Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton) and also visited ones which were new to us like Victoria and Rim(ooo)ouski which were both stunning. 2017 has also been the birth year of Decade Zero, the modern classical piece written for Phronesis and the Engines Orchestra conceived by the one and only Dave Maric. We played our last UK gig of the year, during the London Jazz Festival at a sold out Milton Court and it was all recorded for a later repeat broadcast by the French online tv programme Mezzo TV. We’ll make sure we let you all know when and where it will be ready for viewing. Dave Maric is a special composer, musician, friend and human being and if you don’t know him check him out! Phronesis have managed to pick up a Parliamentary Jazz Award for Jazz Ensemble of the Year , make it into the Jazzwise End of the Year list and on top of that we made it as one of five chosen artists picked by the Danish newspaper Politiken. 2018 brings a whole load of new things your way. There are more European plans for the Big Band project (The Behemoth), UK plans for Decade Zero and also talk of recording and releasing our next trio album but more on that soon...! Below is a link to our THREE consecutive trio shows (!!!) at the infamous Danish Jazz club Montmartre in the centre of Copenhagen where we'll be playing during the Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival.. February 22,23,23 Montmartre, Copenhagen, Denmark http://www.jazzhusmontmartre.dk/concert.722 And of course lots more to come! Happy New Year Everyone!! Love, Jasper, Ivo and Anton